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Introducing Heat Wayv one, our innovative microwave technology domestic boiler.


It provides a direct replacement for the ubiquitous gas boiler but with zero carbon emissions in use.

Delivering comparable heat and hot water volume performance and costing around the same as a gas boiler to purchase and install – with no additional changes required to your existing space and hot water system.

The Heat Wayv one is the ideal zero-carbon solution with a comparable total cost of ownership as a gas boiler

  • Using RF energy at microwave frequencies, we rapidly energise our heat store up to 10x faster than direct heat in to water.

  • We can store this heat energy for prolonged periods, meaning you can charge up at night on a low tariff to use the stored energy later on during the day to heat your home or provide for your hot water needs.

  • Our continuous operational performance means we can also easy serve the needs for hot water around the home, able to provide more than enough hot water for that infinite shower scenario, those with teenagers know what im talking about

  • Looks like a boiler, works like a boiler, can be installed like a boiler, with easy installation it can be installed in half a day by existing qualified heating systems engineer, with no additional training required.

  • The Heat Wayv one will make use of all your existing heating system components, no need to replace pipes, radiators or having to further insulate your property (although we do recommend insulating as much as possible, it will save you money!)

  • Cost benefits, vs other technologies, with competitive purchase, installation, running and maintenance costs, all comparable or lower than a gas boiler.

  • With a built-in smart intelligent control system that allows you to charge the internal to suit your energy tariff, keeping operating costs to a minimum and with our high operational efficiency, we should have a lower running cost than a conventional gas boiler

  • Our unique high energy, on-demand output, driven from our highly efficient heat store, can utilise system designs that can be used in conjunction with battery storage and solar systems to leverage better energy tariffs, helping reduce your energy costs and further reduce your CO2 footprint, with designs that can be true Zero-Carbon

  • Utilizing zero-carbon designs, our technology helps reduce and can even eliminate grid burden, freeing up essential grid energy for other critical applications like electric vehicles (EVs), and further helping with zero-carbon economy migration.

  • Our Smart IOT platform can also be utilised from grid level push, energising networks of Heat Wayv one's when the grid starts to see over production (burden) from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, helping make the best use of our renewable energy sources rather than just turning them off

  • This technology is unique to us with IP supported by patents and registered designs, so you wont find this anywhere else.

  • Will help transition 500k+ current heating industry jobs to the green economy, utilising existing technical competencies for the installers and designers

  • Smart IoT could enable the technology to become an energy store, to help tackle renewable energy over-production

  • Platform based design, allows for performance, as well as regional variations on the same chassis, without full redesign cycles, and a single production line supporting multiple models allowing us to scale production easily and cost effectively

Migration Paths to Zero-Carbon

Imagine a network of Heat Wayv one units integrated within a social housing provider’s portfolio of over 60,000 properties. This innovative network harnesses the power of off-peak energy tariffs to secure the best possible energy prices, significantly reducing energy bills for tenants.


But it doesn’t stop there. With our Smart IoT platform, this network of Heat Wayv one units can be polled and activated on demand to absorb excess renewable energy from the grid. This means tenants won’t be charged for energy sourced from renewable generation when the grid has a surplus.


We don’t see this as a distant dream but as an imminent reality. This solution will not only help many tenants in social housing reduce their energy costs, but it will also assist in managing the utilization of renewable energy more efficiently. Technologies like this are crucial in addressing the challenge of renewable energy consumption, especially when production peaks at less convenient times.


By implementing these advancements, here and in other scenarios, we can better invest in greener, more sustainable technologies, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

Clean Energy

Heat Wayv offers a pioneering solution to the challenges of zero carbon heating systems. Our technology provides a practical, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative to other methods, ensuring that the goal of net-zero emissions is achievable within a realistic timeframe.

By addressing both the embodied and operational carbon footprints, Heat Wayv stands out as the superior choice for modern heating needs, benefiting both the planet and the consumer.

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