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Defying Convention, Delivering Innovation

With our innovative technology, we strive to enhance our every day.

Founded in 2020, our incredible team of engineers, designers and marketers have worked tirelessly to bring Heat Wayv to the forefront of the industry, with our background in RF product development having successfully delivered some revolutionary new products in this space.

We will continue to work relentlessly to provide big picture insights and solutions to help in the transition to a zero carbon economy.


We have established a number of core values, we carry this through in our products, our believes and help guide us in how we operate our business.

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Through innovative technology and a responsible approach to manufacture, we actively seek to promote the reduction and dependancy on the use of fossil and bio-fuels in our everyday lives


Whether local or global we aim to make a positive impact and support the communities we engage with. from supporting global efforts to a more local focus within the community.


We are supporting and promoting healthy lifestyles for all manor of users. Nowhere is this better reflected and consistently demonstrated than in the passion and welfare of all the people involved in Heat Wayv

Our Partners

We are proud to be partnered with leading organisations. 

We seek partnerships to add levels of knowledge, capability and scale, helping us achieve our goals, quicker and more efficiently.

Our Partnerships

University of Edinburgh - The School of Engineering is at the forefront in using academic underpinning research to tackle real-world problems. Our world-leading and internationally recognised researchers push boundaries to create innovation, producing novel products, new companies and advancing technologies. find out more about the School of Engineering here

Jabil - a world class product design, development and manufacturing partner, they make everything from coffee makers to mobile phones to battery storage systems.

Jabil works with many recognised brands such as Apple, General Electric, Honeywell, Dell and HP to mention just a few. find out more about Jabil here

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Industrial Building

More than a Product


We aim to utilize existing infrastructure and buildings whenever possible, making the most of already spent carbon and resources. By retrofitting old buildings to make them fit for purpose and as efficient as possible, we can minimize our carbon footprint. This reuse and repurpose strategy helps conserve precious earth resources, making it the most sensible approach. It might not always be the most cost-effective method or make the most financial sense on paper, but as a responsible corporate citizen, we believe that if it costs more, so be it. Preserving our precious resources is the only way forward.


True impact comes from community engagement and support. We are dedicated to backing local initiatives and ensuring our efforts benefit real people. This involves more than just donating to causes; it means actively participating in local charities, sports clubs, and arts centres. We understand that our staff's well-being is paramount and that their passions outside of work play a crucial role in their happiness and productivity.


We hold our corporate social responsibility in the highest regard. Our aim is not merely to meet industry standards but to exceed them. We strive to gain B-Corp status and contribute 1% of our profits to environmental causes. Our commitment goes beyond the badge – it's about setting a standard in which our staff and the community can take pride.

It takes ambitious plans to make a difference, but we believe in building on what has come before. Our focus is on evolution, not revolution — taking the next logical step forward. This ensures that changes are more readily adopted at every turn.


That’s why we designed the Heat Wayv one to look and perform like a boiler, with similar costs, but with a crucial difference – Zero-Carbon. Our approach facilitates a seamless transition to net-zero technologies without compromise. We aim to provide a safer, more efficient experience, making the shift to sustainable practices both beneficial and compelling.​​

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