March 26th, 2021

Why do we need gas alternative boilers?

In order to meet global Net Zero carbon reduction objectives by 2050, governments around the world are implementing initiatives to reduce the green-house gas emissions that their nations produce. As a central component of its Net Zero strategy, the UK Government has decided to phase out all gas boilers with the aim of reducing the UK’s CO2 emissions by 14%. 

Starting in 2025, it is mandated that all new build homes will not be permitted to have gas boilers fitted, furthermore, by 2030 you will not be able to purchase a replacement gas boiler. The intention is to have all gas boilers removed from UK homes and work places by 2038.  


How is the Heat Wayv zero-carbon?

A single domestic gas boiler will produce in excess of 4 tonnes of CO2 per annum whilst in use, contributing some 25% of all household greenhouse gases and 14% of the total UK emissions. Pollution from biomass, oil, paraffin, and LPG boilers is even higher.

Using only electricity, that could be sourced from the national grid on a green tarriff or via renewables such as solar PV, wind, water, geothermal or tidal energy, all Heat Wayv appliances are zero-carbon in use.


What about hydrogen boilers?

The practicality of supplying hydrogen to all households that currently have natural gas as their space and hot water heating fuel source is not currently feasible, in fact given the economics involved, it is hard to imagine it ever being a viable option.

Notwithstanding that the existing gas grid would require a major upgrade to ensure security of transmission, and all existing gas boilers will require modification with those boilers over 10 years old requiring replacement, the most striking unknown is the actual cost to purchase, and the impacts on the environment during production. It currently requires 50kWh of green electricity to produce 1kg of hydrogen, and if the hydrogen is produced using gas, then some 9.3kg of CO2 per kg of hydrogen is emitted during production as well. 1kg of hydrogen will deliver approx. 33kWh of energy and cost up to £5.00 ($6.20) per kg.

But having said that, hydrogen does have a place and as commentators have suggested, that is in heavy industry such as steel production and commercial transport such as shipping, trains, heavy goods haulage, and potentially aviation.


Can the Heat Wayv replace my existing boiler?


The Heat Wayv range of appliances have been designed to replace any type of boiler that is connected to any form of direct space and hot water delivery system. No matter if you have a gas single or combi, biomass, oil, paraffin, or LPG boiler that heats your radiators, your underfloor heating, or feeds into a pressure tank for space heating and equally provides hot water. The Heat Wavy One or the Heat Wayv Max will work for you.

It is probably the case that the standard Heat Wayv appliances will be adequate for the vast majority of households, with size variations available at launch. However, we have designed the heat-generating system within the Heat Wayv boiler to be modular and it can be scaled to meet specific installation requirements.

So, unlike primary heat pump systems, there are no expensive radiators to purchase and replace, you will not have to install an underfloor heating matrix, you will not have to have a near passivhaus to make it more efficient, and you will not have to incur additional running costs by having a stand-by immersion heater/tank to provide your on-demand heat and hot water in the winter.


How is the Heat Wayv different to a resistive/immersion coil?

An immersion coil is an electrical resistance element that simply transfers direct heat into a volume of liquid. The rate of electrical current transfer in the element has some corresponding loss in the transmission, delivering approx. 99.5% of its energy into the liquid.

However, there is dissipated volumetric loss that directly affects thermal efficiency which has to be taken into consideration when evaluating overall performance. This thermal loss equates to 1% per radial centimetre from the element during its heating phase and once temperature is attained 03% loss per radial centimetre during its stand-by reheating phase. Accordingly, an immersion coil situated in a tank with a diameter of 450mm (R225mm) would be just over 75% efficient during the high-energy consuming heating phase.

This type of unit is ordinarily used to heat hot water only.

By contrast, a Heat Wayv consistently maintains efficiency without operational loss and achieves the required space and hot water temperatures on-demand by using an innovative optimised three-phase heating cycle. Firstly, it fully maximises current resistance in signal generation and amplification by utilising convected waste heat to elevate the initial water temperature. Secondly, 100% of the generated microwave signal is transferred into the liquid via confined cavities and highly dielectric materials to reach nominal thermal temperature. Finally, optimal usage temperature is attained and maintained by latent heat transfer into the liquid through the use of proprietary exothermic diffusing insulation.


Where do Heat Wayv products sit in the marketplace?

We have designed and developed the Heat Wayv range of products to complement existing methods of space and water heating to allow for choice in the purchasing decision along with installation options.

We believe all technologies have a role to play if we are to collectively achieve our environmental challenges.


When will the Heat Wayv be ready for purchase?

Currently we are scheduling to have Heat Wayv trial units available in late summer 2022. The units will be installed in various property types in the UK and several other countries for a real-world trial lasting six-months and over the winter. Upon completion of the assessments, the appliance will then be going into full-scale production in late spring 2023, with units being available for purchase and installation shortly thereafter.


Can I be considered for your real-world trials?

Unfortunately, no.

During the summer of 2022, we will be producing a pre-production batch of Heat Wayv One units for installation and trial in various dwelling-types in several countries.

These trials will need to take place in a controlled manner and as such the sites will be carefully chosen, and with the impending 2025 restriction on new-build housebuilders installing gas boilers and their urgent need to plan for a replacement, we will be providing much of our first trial appliances to several national organisations that have expressed an interest in procuring production units.

Additionally, as a part of our trial programme, we will also provide pre-production systems to a wider group of stakeholders relevant to the heating market, including Housing Associations across the UK.

However, we would strongly recommend that you register your interest using the Contact Form and we will add your details to the mailing list, this will ensure that you are among the first in line to be made aware of when the units become available and how you can have one installed in your home.


Can I become a Heat Wayv installer?

It will be mandatory that the installation of any Heat Wayv appliance is undertaken by a certified Competent Person. As such we will be developing and delivering training courses with several national training bodies during the spring of 2022 and are planning to have the one-day installer course available from autumn 2022.

Given the volume of enquiries to date, we anticipate demand for courses being high and would recommend that you register your interest using the Contact Form and we will add your details to the mailing list for notification of when courses become available.


Can I invest in Heat Wayv?

Heat Wayv is currently privately funded.

However, we have been overwhelmed by the level of interest from people seeking to invest in our company, they like the technology, the challenge we are trying to meet and want to be a part of the future of space and hot water heating innovation in the UK and beyond.

We are in the process of evaluating the practicality of establishing a fund that would enable investors to partake via an investment in the development and growth of the company.

If being a part of this exciting heating product of the future proposition is of interest to you, we urge you to register your details with us using the Contact Form and we will add you to the mailing list for notification should we decide to proceed with fund raising in this way.


Can I have a specification data sheet?

The Heat Wayv range of appliances are currently in advanced development and we are still undertaking final configuration and component specification. We anticipate this being completed prior to release of the trial units (though it will be subject to change dependent upon the results of the various tests), and we will publish the technical data sheet on our website in due course.


Can you tell me a little about Heat Wayv?

Heat Wayv is a British company that has been formed by two electronic engineering innovators and entrepreneurs who were looking to find better and cleaner ways to heat our homes. Before Heat Wayv, the founders developed innovative patented microwave technology to deliver a new way for our armed forces to heat meals when deployed in the field without incurring potentially fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.