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Heat Wayv Product Update

17 Mar 2022

Heat Wayv Product Update

Following significant work with our manufacture partner Jabil, a comprehensive review of our market entry product, the Heat Wayv one, the review performed a full product analysis, from product performance, ability to manufacture, and at scale, along with supply chain review of components and materials.

This has ensured we can not only manufacture the Heat Wayv one, but that none of our components will be in constraint allowing us to cost effectively produce our products, with the added benefit and support from Jabil meaning we can enter and serve our markets at a scale that can allow us to support the transition to net-zero.

This will now allow us to progress to the next stage - a full Prototype, or rather a Minimum Viable Product, this should get us as close to a production unit as possible, allowing us to better understand the requirements at each stage of manufacture.

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