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Heat Wayv Announces Strategic Partnership with Leading US Heating Solutions Installer

Heat Wayv Press

22 Sept 2023

Heat Wayv Announces Strategic Partnership & Early Orders



Heat Wayv Announces Strategic Partnership with Leading US Heating Solutions Installer


[London, UK] – 22/09/2023 – Heat Wayv is thrilled to announce that we have agreed to a partnership with a prominent US-based installer of heating solutions. This collaboration is in the process of being formalized and marks a significant milestone for both companies.


This exciting development is expected to bring substantial benefits to Heat Wayv as we work together on numerous projects. Although it will take some time to finalize the total volumes required, we are eager to share this news with our dedicated Heat Wayv followers.


Last year, this US-based heating engineering firm successfully installed over 20,000 boiler units, with projections for this year looking equally promising. Their impressive year-on-year growth, driven by their innovative business model and approach, has solidified their position as a leadership challenger in the industry.


Initial Order and Future Prospects


Heat Wayv anticipates an initial order volume of approximately 8,000 units, all of which will be installed in the United States. As new projects emerge, we aspire to become their preferred supplier for the majority of their installations. This partnership presents a fantastic opportunity for everyone at Heat Wayv.


Forward-Looking Statement


This order is in addition to our projected launch volumes, which we have been diligently working towards. We have already secured confirmed commitments for 4,800 units from three of our trial group members. These orders will follow successful trials and, we expect this volume to grow to over 19,000 units annually.


With these initial commitments and verbal confirmations from other trial clients, we anticipate our initial annual volumes to reach approximately 108,000 units. We are thrilled with the early engagement and look forward to fulfilling these orders for our customers.


Securing Order Volumes Early


In light of the increase in demand, we are working with stakeholders to secure a no-obligation volume of units through a simple Letter of Intent. This process allows customers to reserve a realistic volume of units without an immediate purchase obligation or deposit requirement.


For example, we are collaborating with a house builder aiming to replace gas boilers with Heat Wayv units. They currently install around 2,000 boilers annually and wish to secure two years’ volume with a Letter of Intent for up to 4,000 units, to be called off as needed by July 2028. If not utilized by this date, the remaining units will be reallocated to another client.


About Heat Wayv


Heat Wayv is a pioneering company dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable heating solutions. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives us to continuously develop cutting-edge technology that meets the evolving needs of our clients.


Media Contact:


Heat Wayv – Press Team

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