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Heat Wayv Announces Partnership with UK Wholesaler

Heat Wayv Press

19 Apr 2024

Heat Wayv Announces Partnership with UK Wholesaler



Heat Wayv Secures Landmark Partnership with Leading UK-based Heating Solutions Wholesaler


[London, UK] – 19/04/2024 – Heat Wayv is delighted to announce a transformative partnership with a prominent UK-based wholesaler of heating solutions. This strategic alliance represents a significant milestone for both entities, promising extensive collaboration and innovation in the heating solutions sector across the United Kingdom.


This partnership is expected to yield substantial benefits for Heat Wayv as we embark on joint initiatives. While finalization of the total order volumes is currently underway, we are excited to share this pivotal development with our valued Heat Wayv community.


In the past fiscal year, our UK-based partner demonstrated exceptional performance in the industry, showcasing a strong track record in distributing heating solutions across the region. Their commitment to excellence and operational efficiency has solidified their position in the field.


Initial Orders and Long-term Prospects

Heat Wayv anticipates an initial purchase order valued at up to £250 million over a five-year period, encompassing a range of our cutting-edge Heat Wayv heating units to be distributed throughout the United Kingdom. As we continue to collaborate on upcoming projects, our goal is to establish Heat Wayv as the preferred supplier for a significant portion of their distribution needs. This partnership presents an unparalleled opportunity for growth and market expansion.


Looking Ahead

In addition to these initial orders, we are actively advancing our projected launch volumes, having secured commitments for substantial units from our initial customer engagements. These early orders underscore the confidence in our products and the anticipated demand in the market.


Forward-Looking Statements

With confirmed commitments and ongoing discussions with other potential clients, Heat Wayv anticipates substantial annual volumes over the contract period, contributing significantly to our growth trajectory. We are enthusiastic about the prospects of this partnership and committed to delivering superior heating solutions to meet the evolving demands of our customers.


Securing Future Demand

Looking forward, Heat Wayv is proactively preparing to meet future market demands and regulatory requirements. This includes working closely with stakeholders to ensure seamless execution and delivery of our heating solutions across various sectors. We are urging interesting parties to get in touch as demand has already surpassed our initial forecasts and we want to ensure any anticipated demand is able to be considered before we lock in our manufacture schedules


About Heat Wayv

Heat Wayv remains dedicated to pioneering sustainable and innovative heating solutions. Our unwavering commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and technological advancement continues to drive our success in the industry.



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Heat Wayv – Press Team

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