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Trail Group Updates

Phil Stevens

5 Feb 2024

Trial Group Updates Section created for the website

We have decided to setup a dedicated section of our website to share various updates, progress and news directly relating to our product trials.

We will be updating this section so please keep checking back if this is something you are interested in knowing more about.

Our Trial Group has been established to ensure we are able to quickly and effectively trial our launch product the Heat Wayv one.

This group consists of varied property managers and builders allowing us to test our product in the widest group of property architypes.

We are so pleased with the extensive trial group we have been able to establish.

The Trial group members include:

  • 6 Social Housing Providers, combined they are responsible for some 230,000 homes across the UK and are able to represent the varied housing types, helping ensure our products suitability in the varied Architypes

  • 5 Leading House Builders, combined they build some 35,000 new homes every year

  • Edinburgh University, School of Engineering, they will have a trial unit that will support the engineering school, as well as one to be included in their new Engineering block

  • the Largest UK installer of boilers, they install around 10% of the total installed boilers per annum, which is around 100,000 - 140,000 installations

  • 2 private property owners with a portfolio that consists of some of the most historic, oldest and most challenging buildings to provide solutions for.

  • a number of units to be used for product certifications

We are very pleased with the up take and are apologetic to those who have not been able to get on to the trial group at this time. To ensure that we can support the trial initiative successfully we have had to limit the number of participants.

We do have a number of participants that will allow any data created during their trial to be shared across the wider industry, which is fantastic and will help a number of other stakeholders we are actively engaged with gain the information required for them to move successfully towards their Net Zero goals.

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