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Heat Wayv is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, Introducing Heat Wayv one, our innovative microwave technology domestic boiler. 



Advanced Solutions

  • Highly efficient, safe & zero-carbon in use

  • Easy installation - can be installed in half a day by existing heating engineers

  • Cost benefits, vs other technologies, with competitive purchase, installation, running  and maintenance costs

  • Operates the same as an existing gas combi boiler, delivering expected heat levels and operational performance

  • Platform based design, allows for performance, as well as regional variations on the same chassis, without full redesign cycles, and a single production line supporting multiple models allowing us to scale production easily and cost effectively

  • Can be used with battery storage and solar systems to leverage better energy tariffs, reducing fuel poverty

  • Exclusive sole license to the unique IP supported by patents and registered designs

  • Purchase price comparable to existing Gas Boilers, with running cost able to be lower based on installation design advantages

  • Will help transition 500k+ current heating industry jobs to the green economy, utilising existing technical competencies for the installers and designers

  • Smart IoT could enable the technology to become an energy store, to help tackle renewable energy over-production

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