The way we heat our homes is about to change


Current UK legislation determines that no domestic gas boilers are to be installed in new build homes after 2025, no new gas boilers to be installed after 2030 and a target of all gas boilers being phased out completely by 2038.

So what is going to replace gas?

Heat pumps are expensive to purchase, are cumbersome to retrofit requiring the replacement of incumbent heating systems such as radiators, less responsive in “on-demand” operation and will require substantial subsidies to offset the costs incurred. Hydrogen is presently deemed expensive, is a long-way off being available for wholesale distribution, and impractical to be delivered on a national scale. Additionally, consumers will also incur further costs by requiring modified or new boilers to be installed.

The answer is microwave technology…

Heat Wayv microwave boilers, with zero greenhouse gas emissions in use, will positively contribute to decarbonisation by removing up to 14% of the UK’s annual CO2, by replacing environmentally impactful gas boilers, and without the need to acquire all-round expensive heat pumps.

The Heat Wayv team is led by experienced engineers and business entrepreneurs in-conjunction with world-leading technologists from global semiconductor and large-scale manufacturing organisations, who have already successfully delivered innovative microwave technology to market.

So, what is going to replace gas?

Heat Wayv is a portfolio of stylish, practical, cost-effective, high-energy space and hot water systems developed for maximum efficiency and powered solely by electricity.

By only replacing the gas boiler with no physical changes to the incumbent heating system, the appliances can be both quickly and easily installed, or retrofitted by a certified tradesperson, and are fully compatible with all existing heating control systems.

The Heat Wayv product range economically delivers hot water and radiant heat on-demand.

It runs totally silent, is zero carbon in operation, can be installed in the same location as current boilers and is virtually maintenance free.

Heat Wayv Isolated White Flipped v1 1

The Heat Wayv One, a smart-home IoT appliance which can be controlled anywhere using a smartphone app, is our market entrant unit. The Heat Wayv One, is equivalent to a standard combi-boiler in size and without a need for an external vent, can be fitted on any interior wall or retrofitted into any current heating system in less than a day.

With whisper quiet operation, delivering sufficient energy in an instant, the Heat Wayv One will supply plentiful hot water and heating on-demand for any home.


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